2016 Chen Yuan Hao Ma Hei Lao Zhai

369.00 MYR

2016 陈远号 麻黑老寨

This tea is made with plenty of tender leaves and quite dark in color. The dry leaves has the usual sun dried fragrance. When brewed there are lots of sweet ripe fruit fragrance and void of any smokiness.

It brews light honey like sweet tea. The aftertaste is floral and lasting sweetness. Few initial brews has some velvety creaminess to it. There is no astringency or bitterness in this tea. If you punish it with soaking, it will payback with some grassy and leathery taste. You can amp up the already good cha qi by soaking this tea slightly.

This tea will easily last 10 brews and will give you sweet water beyond that.

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