[SOLD OUT] 2014 Chen Yuanhao Bingdao Gu Shu (2014 陈远号 冰岛古树)

360.00 MYR 12,650.00 MYR

Bingdao has recently toppled Banzhang and Mansong as the priciest mountain for ancient trees. It has been reported that 1kg of tea leaves from ancient trees cost around RMB 15,000. This cake is made entirely of Bingdao first flush ancient tea trees.

The dry leaves are already sweet smelling without smokiness. When brewed, the soup smells beanie and grassy i.e. fresh. The soup taste fine without any harshness. As it enter your throat, it leaves your mouth coated with honey sweetness and smooth. The tea impresses me with much cha qi. It's bold, strong and warms the body. You can't do wrong to this tea as even soaking it extensively, there is not obvious bitterness or astringency. It will only reward you with a thicker soup.

As this cake can last very long, we usually use about 5g of leaves for a pot between 120-150ml. It lasts at least 15 brews.

Review on teadb.org: http://teadb.org/2014-chenyuan-hao-bingdao/

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