[SOLD OUT] 2014 Chen Yuanhao Six Famous Tea Mountains (2014 陈远号 六大茶山)

165.00 MYR 5,500.00 MYR

This is a very unique product. Mr Chen Huaiyuan has gone to the old 6 famous puerh tea mountains to procure leaves to make this special product. It gives you the opportunity to sample the difference taste of the mountains. The toong contains a cake of each:

  • Gedeng (革登)
  • Mansa (曼撒)
  • Manzhuan (蛮砖)
  • Yibang (倚邦)
  • Yiwu (易武)
  • Youle (攸乐)

 Note: There are 6 cakes in 1 toong. Alternatively, you can get sample packs for any one of the 6 mountains. We're sorry that we cannot break up a toong.

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