[SOLD OUT] 2014 Chen Yuan Hao Yesheng Gushu - Guoyou Lin (2014 陈远号 野生古树 – 国有林)

320.00 MYR 7,000.00 MYR

Guoyou Lin is translated as "state-owned forest". This cake is made of leaves from wild ancient trees. This cake has a slight smoky smell when it first arrived. Due to limited quantity of leaves that can be harvested, this top range puerh is only 250g of goodness. The soup is fine and soft on your palate but upon swallowing, it feels thick and sweet. The after taste is like fantastic floral honey sweetness rising from your tongue, then cheek and finally to the top of your throat. A standard 7g of tea lasts more than 15 brews.

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