[SOLD OUT] 2014 Chen Yuanhao Yiwu Zhengshan (2014 陈远号 易武正山)

140.00 MYR 4,600.00 MYR

Yiwu is located at eastern part of Xishuangbanna, Yunnan that has an elevation covering 800-1600 meters. Chen Yuanhao Yiwu Zhengshan is a staple product of the brand. It is the most consistent product in terms of quality and taste, therefore a pillar in which the Chen Yuanhao brand rely upon. This product exudes the characters of Yiwu very well; soft fine soup with long lasting sweet aftertaste. It has less punchy base compared with its neighbours in Xishuangbanna.  As Yiwu Zhengshan cakes age, it will quickly loose its already mild astringency and bitterness. As it mellows, it will take upon slightly the fragrance and taste of dried sour plum seed, a very unique differentiation of leaves within its region.

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