2005 Chen Yuan Hao Gong Ting Pu Er (Autumn)

250.00 MYR

2005 陈远号 宫廷普洱

In 2005, 2 batches of premium Gong Ting grade puerh was made. 1 in spring and 1 in autumn. This is the autumn batch.

This cake is made from tip of tea leaves. It is expertly ripen through pile fermentation from Yi Wu material. After almost 2 decades, the pile fermentation (wodui/渥堆) smell is gone. It's now developing a bonus faint plum fragrance.

The tea soup is very clear, sweet-ish and enjoyable. It is perfect to be served at the end of long sheng puerh drinking session to balance the body. It is also helpful to aid digestion after oily food. Fermentation coupled with the age of this puerh cake has greatly lowered the caffeine level making it suitable for day end tea session.

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