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2008 Chen Yuan Hao Yuan Man (2008 陈远号 圆满)

Yuan Man is translated as “perfect” into English language. This cake from Yiwu leaves certainly embodies this translation in terms of value. Made from 2008 spring tea leaves of small trees, it has such good taste that it’s often mistaken as a big tree tea cake.The Yuan Man cake itself...

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2016 Chen Yuan Hao teas

== AVAILABLE == Man Song Gong Cha (曼松贡茶) Yi Wu Cha Huang (易武茶皇) Chen Yi Zi Hao Yi Wu Cha Wang (陈易字号 易武茶王) Chen Jun Zi Hao Gua Feng Lao Zhai (陈君字号 刮风老寨) Wan Gong Lao Zhai (湾弓老寨) Ma Hei Lao Zhai (麻黑老寨) Luo Shui Dong Zhai (落水洞寨) == SOLD...

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2016 Chen Yi Zi Hao aka Yi Wu Cha Wang (2016 陈易字号 易武茶王)

This tea gives out light yellow and very clear broth. Dried leaves have strong sweet sun-dried leaves smell while the tea has sugar cane and honey fragrance.As with previous years, you’ll notice the fineness of the tea once it enters the mouth. Tea penetrates deeply into the core and the...

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