2013 Chen Yuan Hao Yi Wu Zheng Shan Ye Sheng Gu Shu - Cha Wang Shu Zhai

250.00 MYR

2003 陈远号 易武正山 野生古树 - 茶王树寨

This is another premium tea in the Chen Yuan Hao line up. Made from ancient wild tea groves in Cha Wang Shu village, the dry leaves look gangly and dark on the underside. The floral and honey fragrance in the brew is strong while the body of the brew is full. Huigan is sweet and plenty of salivation. You can feel the tea rising from the back and side of the mouth towards the soft palate.

The tea is very durable and last over 15 brews in Yixing pot. You also can't really overbrew it as it's still comfortable drinking something you left for a while 6th brew onward.

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