2006 Rong Chang Hao Bu Lang Shan Ye Sheng Gu Shu

480.00 MYR

2006 荣昌号布朗山 野生古树茶

Rong Chang tea factory made this from wild leaves of old tea tree from Bulang mountain. Limited to 5000 pieces only. For anyone that tolerates the low level of bitterness, it returns obvious sweetness in its bold taste. This tea will also last many steepings. A tinge of sourish taste emerges as the tea starts waning; an indication of wild tea in the mix.

Note: During the 2005 inaugural ASEAN Tea Culture Exposition held in Malaysia, Rong Chang Hao's 2005 Bulang Shan Yesheng Gushu won the overall gold medal award. A true testament of the quality of this tea.

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