2007 Chen Yuan Hao Yiwu Zi Wang (2007 陈远号 易武之王) 250g

2,800.00 MYR

Yiwu Zi Wang product range is made of ancient wild tree tea leaves. This is a premium cake where lots of buds are used resulting in thick soup, sweet aftertaste and long lasting brews. It has obvious fragrance of plum seed. Part of the charm of this tea is its calming cha qi and yun. Very limited in distribution and its a great experience.

Quote: "So how’s the tea anyway?  The simple answer is that it’s excellent.  The tea brews strong, is thick, has staying power, and even when I left (halfway through the session, as I had to go somewhere) the tea was still brewing quite strong after 10+ infusions.  It left a clear note in the throat that didn’t go away easily, another mark of a nice tea, and just generally was excellent." source: http://www.marshaln.com/2011/09/2007-chenyuan-hao-yiwu/

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