2008 Chen Yuanhao Ming Jing (2008 陈远号 明镜)

400.00 MYR

2008 Ming Jing is made with Youle (攸乐正山) leaves. It is categorized as a xiaoshu (小树) product within the CYH range.

Having been aged 7 years now, it's only left with a hint of smokiness.


When brewed, it's light yellow in colour but has very strong tea smell.

The taste of the brew is light floral sweetness with good sweet huigan (回甘). It's like having a little bit of gummy bear in your mouth. In earlier brews, there were some dashu (大树) taste characteristic until about 4th brew before. Beyond that, the xiaoshu taste becomes dominant. Although there is a hint of bitterness when soaked at later brews, overall the tea will feel creamy.


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