2014 Chen Yuan Hao 20th Anniversary

1,200.00 MYR

2014 陈远号 二十周年饼

This cake is made to celebrate the revival of traditional pu-erh making by Mr Chen Huaiyuan. In 1994, he pressed his first pu-erh cake following the ways recollected by an old timer who used to work in one of the Yiwu factories. To this day, he has the old stone mould and steamer.

This cake has very floral fragrance. The material used are pre-Ming Yiwu spring leaves from old arbor trees. As there are quite a number of darker leaves so there is possibility that leaves from a previous harvest was included.

The soup is yellowish and taste strong. It will easily last more than 10 steeping and taste sweet towards the end. 

 Since this cake has collection value, it rarely see the open market. Based on the strength on this tea, it should age very well.

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