2016 Chen Yuan Hao Gua Feng Lao Zhai

492.00 MYR

2016 陈远号 陈君字号 刮风老寨

These long gangly leaves from Gua Feng Lao Zhai (刮风老寨) produces golden colored tea. Somewhat darker soup than the rest of the new teas. It has on higher notes floral fragrance and on lower notes, the obvious sun-dried maocha (毛茶) fragrance.

The tea is smooth and consistent, lasting many brews. It’s something to slow start a day. The tea has no bitterness or astringency and taste very balanced. The tea slides down gently and returns a slightly sweet huigan (回甘) with some smooth qi. For stronger taste, soaking the tea will level up the goodness in the leaves.

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