2009 Chen Yuanhao Yiwu Zhengshan (2009 陈远号 易武正山)

This cake is loosely pressed, therefore thicker on the sides. It's made of many long slender leaves that reminds me of 2014 CYH Yiwu Zhengshan Yesheng Gushu Chawang Zhai (易武正山野生古树 茶王寨) http://on.fb.me/1CJyuXb

Though still young, the soup is orangey colour. It's medium thickness with very good sweet after taste. It still has some astringency but possible because I packed the pot.

The warm chahai smells of sundried leaves while the cold chahai smells of plum seed (梅籽香); a good testament of pure Yiwu leaves. 

This tea will require further ageing to realise its full potential. But for now, it's on the right track.