2015 Chen Yuan Hao Spring Tea Tasting

2015 Chen Yuan Hao Spring Tea Tasting

Date: 30 August 2015

Venue: Weil Hotel, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

We’re so glad that the event was successful and well attended by fans from many states despite of political demonstration happening in Kuala Lumpur on the same day. Teapals.com and Pheang’s Tea Gallery invited Mr Chen Huai Yuan and Ms Michelle Wang both from Tainan, Taiwan to share a few thoughts with us.

Steven Tan was the emcee of the day. After the introduction, Ms Michelle Wang took to the stage to share with us the Journey to Yi Wu. In her presentation themed “One heart, Two Leaves”, the avid photographer, lecturer and author depicts to us the life in Yi Wu and the meticulous effort Mr Chen and his team put into making each puerh cake. She anecdote the incident where a rich farmer’s son shares his dream of exploring beyond Yunnan; at the cost of possibly discontinuing the farming life. She also noted that the Cultural Revolution had desensitised farmers off their rich heritage and many old artefacts are relegated to be nothing more than insignificant object. During her session, we had in total 3 samplings; Yi Wu Zheng Shan, Chen Jun Hao and Chen Yi Hao.

We had a short break where each participant was served yummy pineapple tart hand carried by Mr and Mrs Chen all the way from Taiwan. The session then continued with Mr Chen giving us a run down of 2015 Chen Yuan Hao range of tea and the general outlook of puerh market. He took some time to delve into his revival of traditional puerh making in Yi Wu. Mr Chen views the prices of old gushu material as stable for the coming autumn and 2016 Spring due to economic conditions in present China. We served Bingdao and Man Song Gong for the 2nd half of this talk. The session ended with Q&A. 

All in all, many Malaysian fans were delighted to rub shoulders with Mr Chen and has thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his 2015 Spring labor.

^ That's my brewing station :)